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Group Retirement Plans


As an employer, if you are not currently offering a Group Retirement and Savings Plan, many of your employees will delay investing for the future in favour of managing their own short-term financial obligations.

A group retirement and savings plan can work with your company’s overall compensation approach to provide greater financial security for your employees and their families. At the same time, it tangibly conveys your concern for your employees’ life after work.

Meeting your group retirement and savings plans needs is easy to do! You can meet with our Advisors to assess the quality products and services available to you in the market. WDG Inc. will then provide your company with an easy to read report highlighting each provider’s positive and negative attributes suited to your needs, to help you make your decision easier.

Communication is vital to the success of any group retirement or savings plan. Once a provider has been selected, it is important your employees are engaged and onboard to optimize this plan. We will work with the selected provider to help make this plan a success within your company, by holding regular annual educational meetings and individual planning sessions.

Help your company gain a competitive edge when recruiting, and enhance employee appreciation and loyalty by creating a workplace in which your employees want to stay for the long term.