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Group Benefits


Group Benifits Brochure


Employee Group Benefits represent a significant financial obligation to employers while playing an important role in providing for the well-being of employees and their families. At The William Douglas Group Inc. we appreciate the distinct objectives that each business has. Recognizing this diversity, we strive to find creative and flexible group benefit solutions for your company. We are committed to ensuring that employers get the best value for their benefit dollar.

As brokers and consultants, we represent virtually all insurance providers in Canada, enabling us to make truly objective recommendations to our clients that put their needs first.


Group Benefits services include:

  • Needs analysis

  • Plan design

  • Plan implementation

  • Administrative support

  • Claims resolution

  • Renewal rate analysis

  • Cost containment

  • Plan marketing

Implementing a properly designed employee group benefits plan can be a tremendously cost-effective way to provide your employees with the financial security they want and need in today’s market. At the same time, it builds trust and goodwill for a strong workforce, promotes health and wellness, encourages loyalty, and enhances productivity.