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Business Solutions

With almost 30 years of experience in providing executive financial planning services to corporate and individual clients, you can be confident while working with WDG Inc./Manulife Securities Incorporated that you will be provided with effective support to maximize your business’ wealth.

Helping you to build your wealth lies at the heart of everything we do, and that includes managing your obligations through tax-advantaged investment vehicles. You can be rest assured that we remain proactive at all times to provide your business with the highest level of financial advice that you deserve. The financial planning parameters behind every executive are unique and critical to the success of any organization. You will receive advice that goes far beyond identifying your optimum investments.

As your wealth management partner, we understand the need to tailor your portfolio in a way that achieves the most admirable balance between tax efficiency and risk. Together with our investment advisors, you can create a customized solution to help you navigate your way through the vagaries of the market, as you evolve towards the parameters of wealth that you desire.