Why get Catastrophic Coverage?

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Becoming ill or injured is a challenging situation, without being driven into debt. Developing a serious medical condition or illness can result in unexpected expenses – that go above and beyond what your plan covers.


Have you considered how you would pay for the prescription drugs that exceed the amounts covered by your health plan?

Catastrophic coverage picks up where your existing health plan leaves off. Once you have reached your plan maximum, your Catastrophic Coverage helps cover the remaining costs that your plan doesn’t due to annual pre-set limits or deductibles.


With Catastrophic Coverage, you have unlimited coverage for generic and brand name prescription drugs that starts when annual claim limits are exceeded.


When you purchase Catastrophic Coverage as an Add-On to your plan, the prescription drug costs claimed under your core plan will count towards your catastrophic deductible ($4,500 or $10,200).


Your out-of-pocket expenses annually could be as little as $200!


Stand-Alones without a Core Plan
Monthly Catastrophic Coverage
$4,500 deductible $10,200 deductible
Age Group
< 45 $19.30 $17.50 45-54 $20.80 $18.90 55-59 $22.20 $20.20 60-64 $23.50 $21.40