Bill McElroy – Master Builder

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Advisors who achieve Manulife’s Master Builder status are the embodiment of excellence. Since its inception in 1961, the Master Builder program has been Manulife’s most prestigious advisor reward and recognition program worldwide. 


Membership in the Master Builder program is earned by virtue of an exceptional level of consistent production and policy persistency. There are five levels in the Master Builder organization, all of which are identified and recognized with stars; the fifth star identifies the supreme achievement – the Five Star Master Builder. 




  Joined Manulife: May 1990


Bill qualified for his first national educational conference in 1999 (Atlantis) and achieved his first Master Builder star in 2011 followed by his second, third and fourth in 2012. 


It wasn’t long after graduating from University that I got a wake-up call: a university education wasn’t a ticket to success and no matter what I wanted to do, I would be starting at the bottom. I knew I liked sales, but selling what? I had just finished my Real Estate licence at the beginning of a Real Estate market collapse and things weren’t looking good for me. Then I met a former Manulife Branch Manager who got me on the right path. He had enough confidence in me that he not only hired me, he let me live with him and his family until I got on my feet. To him I owe a great deal. 


Initially it was all about survival. Coming from Oshawa to Hamilton, I had no natural market, just a little cubicle, a telephone and a desire to succeed. I quickly became known as the “cold call king” around the office. Once I began to get established in the family market I realized I had little to do during the day and started calling companies for group insurance and my business grew from there. I earned my CFP and CIM designations and I’ve never looked back. 


All these years later, I can say that I’m quite proud of becoming a Five Star Master Builder. Having always been goal driven, I set my sights on this award fairly early in my career if only to prove to myself that I could achieve it. I’ve always respected those who earned their fifth star and what really motivated me was not just to earn the award but to reach that level of success before I turned 50. I’m proud to say that I did it!


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