Critical Illness Insurance

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Critical Illness is certainly not something we expect to suffer until we are really old. Many of us do absolutely nothing to plan for it either, bar hoping in a fuzzy way that things will work out when we get there. The truth is very different – critical illnesses like heart attacks, strokes and cancers strike Canadians in their prime of life every day, and many have sadly made no provision for their consequences.


Critical Illness Coverage may out a lump sum to cover high costs that could exceed medical insurance benefits. Alternatively, some policies make monthly payments once a specified medical procedure has been performed. To distinguish them from Life Policies, Critical Illness Insurance policies may specify a survival period before they kick in – the gap in time is often hard to cover.


You cannot afford to put yourself or your family at risk by not arranging cover against Critical Illness. Our C.F.P Financial Consultants have a range of options to suit your own requirements perfectly. We urge you to contact one of them as soon as convenient to yourself, to arrange appropriate cover that works for you.