Welcome Back Tony!

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It’s really good to be back; I’ll miss certain aspects of that adventurous lifestyle, and will retain great memories of our experience, but it’s really good to be back with all of you.


You know, most of our time together is spent talking about planning, and the significant contribution it makes to any and all of us, particularly when it comes to large expenditures and deliberate life changes.


Well, our plan worked!


Many of you have known for years that Yolanda and I had been very much involved in the “RV World” and that we owned a variety of Motor Coaches over the years. Allot knew that we planned on completing our last trip by making it a memorable one, one that would last an extended period of time and cover allot of “ground”… a deliberate life change.


We did it.


I look forward to sharing with you the many details, and exciting, often funny experiences we have had on the road this past year or so.


But not here, not now.


Rather I want to assure you all that I am back and raring to go! My association with Bill (McElroy) and the great staff here at WDG Inc., allowed us to indulge ourselves in what, for us, was the trip of a lifetime while ensuring the highest level of continuing service for you.


My personal experiences have honed my vision, understanding, and appreciation for the value of sound personal and financial planning. The very real prospect of unplanned contingencies that may arise need to be considered as well.


I believe I can now help you better prepare for both.
I look forward to reacquainting myself with many of you and to meeting many more of you for the first time.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason, and don’t be surprised if your phone rings or your email dings shortly; it will probably be me.


Kindest regards to all of you along with our best wishes for much health, happiness, prosperity, and personal success in this great journey we’re all on.


Tony Bostock